Manny Nicandro

Manny Nicandro

Manny Nicandro is a movement specialist with 8+ years experience dedicated to providing individuals with quality movement instruction. Through combining multiple movement modalities, Manny will take you on a journey towards self awareness. 

"I teach yoga/movement for strength, stress relief, and mobility targeting the posterior chain of the body. Rooted in foundation training, which will work with activating natural human biomechanics in the body. With heavy focus on alignment and breath awareness combined with Halo therapy, You have the opportunity to reclaim functional movement patterns such as squatting, lifting, twisting, pushing and lunging by providing practical application to your yoga/movement practice while expanding and improving your breath capacity."  - Manny

Single session: $99
4 session program(meet once a week): $379 (5% off)
8 session program (meet twice a week): $719 (10% off)
12 session program (meet three time a week): $959 (20% off) Best value! 
Single Couples session: $159, $50 per additional client, cap out at 4 clients. 

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